KNC12 DATA | DATAHUB: Data metarepository | Knight News Challenge 2012

One of my entries for the Knight News Challenge: Data.

DATAHUB | Data metarepository

1. What do you propose to do? [20 words]
DataHub is a repository of data repositories, which compiles and curates available databases and datasets for discovery, sharing and collaboration.

2. How will your project make data more useful? [50 words]
The big problem with data isn’t a lack of it, it’s finding it and how to use it. DataHub will help data users to collaboratively find, scrub and share data and access to it.

3. How is your project different from what already exists? [30 words]
The Ujima Project resembles DataHub. It focuses on particular public databases with specific criteria. DataHub is open, social, and would include private databases, datasets, repositories and other tools and resources.

4. Why will it work? [100 words]
There is a real need and hunger in journalism circles for collaborative data sourcing and sharing, especially in non-competitive circumstances, or after the initial news scoop has been won and the originating journalist moves on to other stories.
Conversations at every journalism conference and informal gathering of journalists who work with data always touch on this yearning.
Fulfilling this need by enabling journalists — and other data hounds — to collaborate helps everyone, and would likely lead to more and better data-driven journalism.

5. Who is working on it? [100 words]
Saleem Khan: Project leader, journalist [editor and reporter, ex- CBC, Metro International, Toronto Star newspapers; chairman/director, Canadian Association of Journalists]; advisor, University of Toronto ThingTank Lab [Faculty of Information]; founder,


  • K. Khan: User experience strategist and designer, OCAD University sLab advisor; leader of UXI, Canada’s largest UX professionals group
  • M. Saniga, CA: President and co-founder, near-realtime business intelligence/data insight generation software firm Quant Inc.; former finance director and manager at Cara, Dell.
  • G. Szeto: Software interface designer/strategist for financial and geopolitical risk intelligence sectors, Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College.

6. What part of the project have you already built? [100 words]
DataHub is in the concept phase, and is gathering professionals’ feedback (all positive) and suggestions for improvement.

7. How would you use News Challenge funds? [50 words]
DataHub would invest any funds into product development and ancillary support.

8. How would you sustain the project after the funding expires? [50 words]
A freemium pricing model, paid features for participants to highlight their data, traditional capital investment and grant funding, as well as ancillary merchandise for sale.

Requested amount: $250,000
Expected number of months to complete project: 12
Total Project Cost: $350,000
Name: Saleem Khan
Twitter: @saleemkhan
Email address [optional]:
Organization: Technovica
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
How did you learn about the contest? I have been following and participating in the Knight News Challenge for years.

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