KNC12 DATA | DATABLE: Data based dating | Knight News Challenge 2012

One of my (crazier) entries for the Knight News Challenge: Data.

DATABLE | Data based dating

1. What do you propose to do? [20 words]
Datable is the digital dating service for data journalists and other data nerds to find data love.

2. How will your project make data more useful? [50 words]
Data professionals need compatible collaborators in work and life, and the research shows that people who are happy in their work and personal lives are more productive. Enabling people to produce great work, and balance it with a fulfilling life is a win all around.

3. How is your project different from what already exists? [30 words]
Datable will use participant-supplied data to match them for compatibility as data professionals, collaboration, and socially. There are plenty of dating sites and services, and plenty of professional networking sites and services, but none that combine both and add a data focus!

4. Why will it work? [100 words]
Datable will work because we are humans, not robots. People are increasingly disconnected due to days dominated by technology-mediated interactions, and they yearn for human contact. This is supported by the prevalence of technology and interest-related meetups and offline activity events.
Furthermore, Datable will fulfill a professional need for isolated data workers to connect and collaborate in an informal context. Anyone who has ever been to a professional conference or the like knows that the best conversations, ideas and work occur in the informal social settings.
Finally, Datable will be fun. When work is fun, we are more productive.

5. Who is working on it? [100 words]
Saleem Khan: Project leader, journalist [editor and reporter, ex- CBC, Metro International, Toronto Star newspapers; chairman/director, Canadian Association of Journalists]; advisor, University of Toronto ThingTank Lab [Faculty of Information]; founder, Saleem also likes to ride his mountain bike, watch movies, east, sleep, and has been told he’s witty, fun, has great hair, fingernails, and style,
[I would include other people here but am not sure they want to be mentioned.]
Tip of the hat to Max Shron, data strategist formerly with dating site OKCupid.

6. What part of the project have you already built? [100 words]
Datable is purely a concept that has been discussed among a handful of data enthusiasts.

7. How would you use News Challenge funds? [50 words]
Datable would use the News Challenge funds to seed a proof-of-concept prototype and test.

8. How would you sustain the project after the funding expires? [50 words]
Like many dating sites, advertising and a freemium model, along with traditional investment avenues would apply. The data aspect may afford other opportunities, such as data services and products. This would be part of the exploration.

Requested amount: $85,000
Expected number of months to complete project: 12
Total Project Cost: $125,000
Name: Saleem Khan
Twitter: @saleemkhan
Email address [optional]:
Organization: Technovica
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
How did you learn about the contest? The street, like everyone else.

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